DJ Floppy

A Realtime Floppy Drive Music Player with Universal MIDI Compatibility.

Detailed info about DJ Floppy:

DJ Floppy provides a universal interface between any MIDI or audio source and any number of any types of mechanical devices
(or for MHacks 2014, to eleven floppy drives).

Our software, a beta version of the Pop-Tartans' Maestro software, will take any input (either file-based or live sources) and play them using frequencies and sounds generated from mechanical components in otherwise-limited devices, such as floppy drives, printers, CRTs, and hard drives.
Maestro is implemented with multiple threads for zero latency, a custom MIDI parser, and runs on a linux-based Raspberry Pi.

This hardware and software project was created for MHacks Fall 2014.
It is currently maintained by the Pop-Tartans.

Download the most recent version by clicking below:
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